Easy or hard really depends on the skill level of the person doing the conversion. With the robot tuners, like I said in #1, I don't see much benefit that I'm getting in exchange for that increased risk. And got my first surprise when I turned on the MCK. (The Min-ETune tuners … If you buy the unit new over here, it will cost you 299, so it was still an OK deal. As long as you take care not to over torque the nut, use whatever. GOR) is a limited-edition self-tuning Gibson guitar, typically a Les Paul. The Tronical unit came with a short stamped wrench about 1-1/2" long. Branded by Gibson initially as “Min-ETune” and then as “G FORCE,” the Powertune system is designed to automatically tune strings via a servo motor within each machine head. Probably closer to half of that. And no electronics of any kind. I used a soldering gun to remove them (could have with a low wattage iron, but easier with a gun). I immediately thought that there must be some “electronics” in the battery pack. I selected a drill bit which was the same size or with a smaller diameter then the shaft of the screws. I guess I'm more old school than I thought. The first run of limited edition Robot Guitars was exclusively made up of Les Paul bodies. Paste as plain text instead, × The controller can sense the vibration of the strings. Rated 4.5/5 … When you find it on Gibson’s web store, you’ll also find that it says, “Out Of Stock”. I'm pondering the idea of replacing the tuners on my 1916 Gibson A - Paddlehead. (roughly $227 US) and he said "OK". Tronical, bless them for this, listed the battery as 2.4V 2200maH. Now all you need to do is get a new truss rod cover and sell that G-Force on Ebay for $120 to $150! × I just picked up a 50's Tribute Goldtop. It managed to light some of the LED’s. The only thing I will add to what you did was that when you take the nuts off the front (same with pots and the output jack) is that rather than use a wrench like you used, its much easier and safer to use a socket wrench bit (11 or 12mm I think).. Apart from that (and that's just a tiny thing really, use what works), great job you did there. ... A few years ago, a local music store was blowing out the Gibson SG Robot Guitar. The sale of the unit will more than cover the outlay for tuners and a new truss rod cover. Holy Cow!! Having been dealing with radio controlled models for years, I know about the lifespan of NiMH batteries. I would say that most ORIGINAL Gibson SG are not, except those with replacement tuners. There’s a Velcro button on the back of the pack to hold it in place. Gibson Brands, Inc. respects your right to privacy. [thumbup]. The only drilling required is for the pilot holes for the screws of the new machine heads. One capacitor had broken away because the leads had been nipped by a wire stripper. Removing Min-ETune unit and machine heads and replacing them with manual machine heads. Seems these things are pretty popular with folk wanting to retrofit them. I haven't tried G-force since the 2015 models though, it left a bad enough taste in my mouth I won't be trying any more. For a rather short period of time. The Robot is easy to switch over too. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Gibson USA Les Paul G-force Robot Tuners Tuning Pegs at the best online prices at eBay! It was a simple process which required no reaming and no particular skills I am neither a lthier nor a guitar tech). Copyright 2019 Gibson Brands, Inc. All rights reserved. At the time, a standard SG without the electronic tuning sold for more. But when I went to tune the thing, twisting the knobs in the same way I’ve twisted knobs for the past 20 years, one of them came loose. Some time ago I purchased a 2013 Gibson Les Paul with Min-ETune. I would never buy another gibson, I’d rather buy a knock off and modify it to my liking (which I have) than spend $4,000-5,000 on a robot made les paul. I said "how about 200 euros?" As I saw it, a chance to own a top quality USA made guitar and it didn’t matter a fig if the electronics last two weeks or twenty years. #I don't want to drill any new holes in the mando, but I wouldn't have a problem drilling new holes in the new tuners … These motors can tighten or loosen the strings. Try not to short them out when you get them apart. Nothing. Buying items such as the G-Force battery directly from Gibson assures you that you are getting a genuine Gibson part. Maybe. Now all you need to do is get a new truss rod cover and sell that G-Force on Ebay for $120 to $150! The headstock holes for the pegs of the machine heads are a standard Gibson size (roughly 10mm diameter) and will take standard Gibson machine heads. Clear editor. Very nice workmanship. I decided to see if I could charge my NiMH pack. I doubt that I ever tuned it that much. Hi Forum. Well I tried these for a few days. I had the Min-ETune on ebay and some guy asked for a "buy it now". My conclusion is that the length of those battery wires is crucial for the onboard electronics to not only detect the battery but also to charge it. Gibson Robot Guitar Battery Replacement. As of lately, the tuning has been sort of hit and miss so I started to become somewhat concerned about the electronics. I prepared by unwinding the strings as per the user manual for the Min-ETune. I don't see the difficulty level unless someone is not good at soldering and wiring pots. I soldered the wires on to the tabs of my own battery pack. 6-month Special Financing Available ‡ Learn More. In any case you have to learn somewhere if you own a guitar or amp or pay the high prices to get it done! I just pushed the pegs all the way through, loosely fitting the nuts and washers at the front, and lined up the machine heads until I was happy they were straight. No LED’s, no flash. I found the battery would never reach a full charge and it dropped pretty fast. Gibson Robot Guitar Battery Replacement. Display as a link instead, × You can post now and register later. The only remaining source is Tronical and that’s going to cost upwards of a $100 or possibly more with shipping from Germany. The way I see it, I just got a 140 euro discount on the guitar I actually really wanted. Just remove the MCK, and tuners and put regular tuners on and get 500K pot and solder in same as a standard LP. Congratulations. That looks fantastic! A friend told me he read somewhere that you could now buy tuners that are an exact replacement for the tuners on a Gibson A-1. I keep trying to tell people that. The trick to using a drill is to buy a brand new bit that is sharp, and having a drill that isnt too … Cost of replacement? Basically there are small, lightweight motors inside each of the machine head. 2 | P a g e Contents 03 asic Gibson G FORE™ Functions: Start Here 04 Main Tuning Preset Bank Default Tunings 05 Low Tuning Preset Bank Default Tunings 06 Re-Stringing Guitars with Gibson G FORE™ 09 Changing the Gibson G FORCE Battery 09 Overview: How to Choose, Access, and Edit Advanced Functions 11 Tuning Functions ( Category) 11 String Up/Down 11 Custom Tuning The nuts which clamp the strings in place have to be unscrewed a little to remove the strings, They will screw all the way off so you have to be careful not to lose them, Strings off, along with the bridge and saddles, I then carefully unfastened the nuts on the tuner pegs at the front of the headstock, This is the only thing holding on the machine heads and the Min-ETune unit. So I cleaned up the connections. They are worth maybe $400 at most. There are many sites that sell low-quality, knock-off products. #My tuners are badly worn and I seem to be retuning as much as our banjo player. Yeah I don't use a wrench with it.. just the bit and do it by hand (for that precise reason of not over tightening)... Its just that it fits nicely over the post and the washer will prevent it from ever touching the wood... nice little guide, and love the photos, might give this a try myself. Yep. The robot part being the part that allows the guitar to tune itself. That looks fantastic! After convincing Gibson to send me a replacement knob, I … Terms & Conditions | Registered Trademarks. Post Views: 4,545. Wires were jammed through the solder lugs on the pots and slobbered on. Which put it out of reach for all but the rather well heeled clientele. Product Registration Customer Service Repair and Restoration Report Counterfeits Serial Number FAQ Gibson Guitar Specs (2015-2019) Dealer Resource Center Locate A According to Gibson, the batteries are supposed to be good for 200 tunings. I carefully scraped it out with a blade. I removed the heavy grovers from a Es-339 and Es-335 and these fit perfectly. Here is a quick summary of the Gibson Robot Guitar: Gibson incorporated a mechanical tuner … It was sort of obvious they are using a pair of 1.2V AA sized batteries wired in series. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. They include it because they do not want you to over torque the nuts when installing. Gibson Accessories Vintage Tuning Machine Heads - Nickel with Green Buttons Vintage-style Tuners with Pearloid Buttons - Nickel $89.99. They are a great option when you want lightweight tuners … Working like a champ. Took maybe 25 minutes to install. If the frequency is not what the string is programmed to be, then the controller sends a signal to the machine head motor and instructs it to either tighte… When you pour that much solder on something to hold it; I call it slobbering.